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09.23.2022 - 03.19.2022
1 :  From 09.23.2022 - 03.19.2022, Camilla Carper will only get dressed in 32 Edgewood New Haven, CT 06511, rm #308. All garments Carper owns will be moved to 308, and their home closet will be left empty. At the the end of everyday Carper will change into a pair of silk pajamas and return home. Outfits change everyday, but the pajamas will be a constant.

2: From 09.23.2022 - 03.19.2022 Camilla Carper will add one 13/16" stripe of screen print ink to the silk pajamas that corresponds with the colors worn that day. The pajamas will be complete on the last day of winter, when the set is fully colored in.

3 From 09.22.2022 - 03.20.2023 Every color worn by Camilla Carper will be mixed together to generate the signature color of the A/W season. Screen printing ink will be mixed daily to match the colors Carper wears that day. Colors will be combined together in a 4 oz. cup, then added to 22 QT bucket, and mixed. Color is complete when bucket is full.

4: When garments worn by Camilla Carper become unbearably fragrant they will be placed in laundry bag, washed, dried, and returned to 308.