A haptic audio essay about the gendered history of thermal technology. The essay is narrated by a horny robot trying to quantify emotions with temperature data, and seduce listener to find a body of their own. The audio leads viewers through through a physical space as they encounter objects of different temperatures in an interactive installation.  

Calibration Audio, 2021, audio recording 13 minutes and 17 seconds, must be listened in 0 degrees Fahrenheit

Cold Packages, 2021

Purses with ice interiors hang outside of a gallery. Visitors are instructed to carry bags inside. The bags melt over the 2 day exhibit.

Heat Packages, 2021 

a series of bodies created to seduce an infrared camera described in the Calibration audio essay. Heated garments contain and release heat testing the boundaries between the interior and exterior of the human body. Visitors can warm their bodies and melt ‘cold packages’ with the sculptures.


Cuddle ScreenSaver (excerpt), FLIR Thermal Video, 15 minutes 7 seconds

Thermal video of Camilla Carper cuddling with their girlfriend June Melton. Projected  with ‘Heat Packages’.