Replica Toy Cow Boy Human Scale
a mannequin wearing ‘Reset Control I’ Pajamas, and a latex mask of Woody from Toy Story. This is a scaled-up version of a self-portrait carper made previously with of a toy sized Woody doll wearing Barbie doll clothing.

Reset Control Pattern Marker
120” X 56” of studio notes pasted together, negative space of the ‘Reset Control I’ pajama pattern markerpainted on the surface with screen printing ink. The ink is Carper’s Signature Color generated from mixing all the colors on the ‘Reset Control I’ pajama, worn my mannquin, together. The marker is placed on top of  a sheet of silk fabric, and is weighed down by rocks found on the street between Yve Yang Gallery and LRCHQEV, two locations where Carper was showing work in New York.